Status Board: Interactive Office Kiosk

See your office in real time on any large interactive display. Status Board began as a quick sketch and evolved rapidly, much like the fast-paced projects at our hackathons.

It's a product shaped by quick decisions and the excitement of meeting our customers' needs—a direct line from idea to delivery.

Design Delivery

My Role


Myself, Co-Founder, and Principal Software Engineer


Customers were looking for a high-visibility way to book meeting rooms, find where people sit, and understand what's happening at the office

Before Status board, there was no good way for an organization to show all conference room schedules in one place publicly. Status Board is a big deal for customers only interested in Robin's room displays (room displays are tablets that sit outside conference rooms to display availability, booking controls, and schedules

large format display

Introducing Status Board: a large, interactive display designed for scheduling and wayfinding.

Customization for office and user needs

The first release of Status Board included dark mode and quickly released light and high contrast mode. High contrast mode was a specific ask from enterprise customer where accessibility support was a requirement.

Understanding more about standards at these large companies and best practices with large interactive displays guided many of these decisions.

Deployment as easy as copying a link

Robins original product was a room display that sits outside of conference rooms to display room availability. We used that infrastructure and existing workflows to deploy Status Board.

This approach allowed us to reduce complexity using existing platform technology, utilize existing UX flows customers were familiar with, and ultimately faster to deliver and iterate.

Supported on many devices

Status Board effortlessly syncs with smart TVs—touchscreen included—through a simple link IT teams love. With its stress-free setup and rollout, this single-page web app shines on any browser, any smart TV, ensuring seamless flexibility for any display you have in your workspace.

Status Board deployed at the Robin Boston office.

Concept exploration

Before landing on a solution that was understood by users and was technically feasible, I explored a handful of other concepts. A few of those are below.

I personally loved these ones, the map style, how the floors displayed as tabs. The floors as tabs didn't work out because customers could name floors as they wanted and we didn't know the order in a meaningful way.

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