Hands-on design leader at early to growth stage startup.

I collaborate with co-founders and leadership to define product vision and work with teams to bring that vision to life.



Streamlining workplace management with user-friendly booking systems and analytics.

Director of Design – Sr. Director of Design

(Sep 2020 - Present)

  • Shaped product vision through a strategic shift to solve for hybrid work and contributed to design delivery—grew MAU by 18% and established first engagement loops.

  • Built a distributed team of 8 designers, professional development, and operations.

  • Led and re-designed booking and scheduling products across 5 platform; system thinking

Design Lead

(Mar 2018 - Sep 2020)

  • Led a team of 4 designers through a strategic shift in business direction—company grew from single to multi-product.

  • Designed an indoor map platform, a core product offering used across all 8 platforms.

  • Led and designed a floor plan management product for workplace admins, consumer-friendly CAD software; supported self-managed roll-outs.

Product Designer

(Jul 2017- Mar 2018)

  • Joined as the second designer; worked with co-founders to solve immediate problems and learned to define product vision and pitch decks.

  • Designed in-office kiosk experiences to help employees navigate the workplace.

  • Brought core functionality to Google and Microsoft platforms, enabling the company to sell to enterprises.


Accelerating company growth from ideation to launch with strategic design and development

Product Designer

(Oct 2014 - Jul 2017)

  • Led end-to-end product launches for pre-seed and early-stage start-ups. Included technical implementation.

  • Mentored co-founders and designers to create user-focused products with validated product market fit.


A fintech consulting and financial software development agency.

Product Designer

(Mar 2012 - Sep 2014)

Designed conceptual experiences for skunk works teams and deliver impactful portions of those concepts to market.


Champlain College

(2006 - 2010)

Bachelor, Web Design and Development

Ryan Coughlin

→ Mainer, Designer, and Fly Fishing Fanatic