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 stickyMojo by MojoTech

About 3 weeks ago a developer at makes it a breeze to create a jQuery sticky menu in moments. Get going with some simple code:

    $('#sidebar').stickyMojo({footerID: '#footer', contentID: '#main'});


 Snowcast App

The past couple of months I have been working on an app called Snowcast. It will use HTML5 Geo to grab a users location and return resorts nearby. The UI is extremely simple and clean. That was the goal from day one. Yes, there are other snow conditions apps out there, but the sites are way to complicated and this focus on:

What is the information you want and need to see before you head out in the AM to the Viagra mountains?

I am using large icons to showcase the pieces of information, so you can relate to which icon corresponds with what piece of data (New snow, open trails, open lifts). I will be posting some quick shots of it later this week. You can check out the landing page at www.snowcastapp.com

I am also looking in to Backbone.js to rebuild the app upon instead of JS files and a HTML file. I feel it will allow for easier scalability.

 Lets get back at it!

I have found some free time this weekend to sit down and clean up the blog as well as write up some new posts to keep it going! I have been slacking the past couple of months and have Buy Cialis been really busy working at Commerce Generation in Burlington, VT. We recently finished up a large project with the websites going live. Along with that news, there are other coding tips and much more. Expect lots coming up.


 Internet Explorer 6 Still the Popular Browser?

A friend who started Cat on The Couch Productions, tweeted me an article titled “Browser Version Market Share” and I found this extremely interesting, check out this clip that was taken from the website. Most of you are going to have the same feeling as me when you see what the first result is. This article was published along with the data presented in October, 2009. I am sure there might be other data that says otherwise, but I believe this is very creditable, this resource came originally from the CNET website.

Browser Version Market Share

Browser Version Market Share

Find Internet Explorer 6 at the top using 23% – was a huge shock to me. Waiting til it dies out and Firefox, Safari, Chrome and others start to take the market share for browsers. Slowly but surely, that number will dwindle as new computers are coming with Internet Explorer 8 preloaded. As for Web Developers, you all know this still means we will be using CSS fixes to fix double float margin and many other issues that we deal with when testing a website on IE6.

 Google Insights – An Aid to a Successful Blog Post

Google Insights Logo

Last spring I came across Google Insights while I was working at EpikOne as a Web/Graphic Designer for the Spring semester. I used this for one of their projects to research currents trends that were developing among coffee, this was what the company was based around. I was using Google Insights to then gather information on current trends that were developing during a certain period of time and a set geography base for the search. After analyzing the data presented by Google Insights I took notes on the data given then worked that in to a new newsletter that was going to be sent out to a list of subscribers.

Lets cut to the chase, Google Insights can help you create a successful blog post because if you have an idea for a post in mind, send some keywords/phrases to insight. The interface of Google Insights is very simple, the landing page looks as follows:

Google Insights - InterfaceHere are some basics steps that I take when I want to use Google Insights to writing a successful blog post:

  • Think of a new blog post idea/thought to work with
  • Write down some keywords/phrases, that visitors might search for
  • Enter Buy Cialis them in to Google Insights – If you need to add any filters (Area, Timeline, Country, etc)
  • The results for your keywords/phrases will be graphed out for you and also a map overlay showing popularity, also showing a graph of Interest over Time
  • See which keywords/phrases are doing the best, then work those around your up and coming blog post.

The simple tips above can help your blog post become more successful by analyzing what the current trends are relating to that one topic. Lets say I wanted to write an article about jQuery and AJAX, lets plug these in to Google Insights and see what it returns, below is an image that shows us Top Searches and Rising Searches.

google-insights-searchesGive this method a try out for yourself. Ponder up a new post idea, think of some keywords, plug them in to Google Insights, blow away, bring on the followers. This has become a common tool in my arsenal for blogging and designing. Great way to check if your blog post is running in to any current trends, that will lead in readers to your blog. Give this a try and see how it goes.

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